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Tepes in Facebook with Brian Warner



"-What is your problem with me?"- by Brian Warner


"-i sorry. just sorry. i'm sorry. how I may not be your girlfriend. I need you very much. i miss you. I give a thought to you always, every day, until an end, and there is not blood because you are not Boyfriend.
i'm sorry. only a schizophrenic I am a little girl, and I hear that you talk to me in exchange of me every day, steadily. I am crazy?
you are not then yeah. I apologise to you then. I am out then. i was wrong. I was out always, since I know my reason. I hear an other man's sound then
how I shall tell it to you how i love you?
we will never meet. I hungered after so much. I wanted only a soul. you are a gift for me. Gift.
we do not know each other. but I love only you! only you!
I gave everything up already. we will meet up there, I trust in him
I would give my heart to you in order for you to sacrifice it. and stab it forever. I like the death. I do not want to live without you.
I was never able to tell it to you.
... I am only a disabled baby, who waited for it, that play with his heart.
will be right up there if myself destroy it with my medicines possibly."



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